Cleaning Your Touchscreen Devices

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source: Michelle Mista

Whether you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet, chances are you use it a lot. And even if you have a good cover and a screen protector on it, it probably gets a little greasy and gunky. Spring cleaning time is a great time to get into the habit of cleaning your device regularly.

This is also a good time to take a look at your chargers and any other accessories you may have for your tablet or device. If your cords are showing signs of wear or tear — especially warping or fraying of the cord — make a note that it’s time to replace.

Assemble your materials.

A microfiber cleaning cloth is a must — it grabs the dirt and grease from the glass without scratching it. I also like to keep electronics cleaner and a can of air at the ready. These are strictly optional but great for a good, deep clean.

By the way, while DIY cleaning solutions are great for your home, you should NOT use homemade solutions on your electronics. Touch screens are especially sensitive; using the wrong cleaning solution on a touch screen in the wrong way and you’ve got yourself a shiny new paperweight.

There’s a variety of electronics cleaners on the market. I like pre-moistened wipes as they’re easy to keep at my desk to wipe off my devices after a hard day’s use.

Spray on cleaners are also available. While these are great for cleaning things like monitors or televisions, I do not recommend them for touch screens as its very easy to use them wrong. Remember, NEVER spray any cleaner directly onto the touchscreen. Too much liquid on your touchscreen can short it out.

Cleaning your device.

Turn your device off and remove it from the case. This is a great time to inspect for any cracks or signs of wear on your case. I also like to take this opportunity to clean the case itself, which actually gets the majority of the daily gunk that builds up on it.

For my silicone-based case on my smartphone, I took it apart and gently cleaned the outside and inside with my pre-moistened cleaning cloths and let it air dry as I cleaned my device. For my tablet case, I took a moment to blow out any obvious dust (and crumbs?! how’d those get in there?) using a can of air before I wiped the silicone part of it down with another cleaning cloth.

Gently clean your device with the microfiber. Start in one direction and wipe. If desired, clean your device screen and then the body with an electronics cleaner of your choice, following the package instructions. Let your device air dry before replacing your cover.

What questions do you have about cleaning your touch screen devices?

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