Clutter Control for Any Space

clutter control
source: Mark Elkins

Recently, I shared a quick tip for controlling stair piles, and Lori from Couponomic Stimulus Package commented with this question:

I would love if you would talk about something for kitchen counters! That’s where all my stuff lands. I can keep the rest of the house clean EXCEPT my kitchen counter and office. I can clean them up, but they continually get messy with things that I’m not sure what do with them or on-going projects, like my coupons;) Any advice?

To answer this question, I’m over at Zen Family Habits sharing clutter-control tips that will work in any area of your home:

I could probably write a post every day of the year on how to control clutter in this area or that space, and we still wouldn’t be able to cover every scenario or trouble spot. Instead of trying to cover them all, I want to share with you four secrets for battling clutter in any space:


The first step to conquering clutter in any room of your house is to declutter the space. Having too much stuff inevitably leads to clutter, and it will undercut your best efforts at clearing surfaces and getting organized. This is a hard step to take, but  it’s important to take an honest look at the stuff around you and begin to get rid of clutter.

You’ve probably heard this method before, but the easiest way to get started is to take three bags, bins or boxes and label them Keep, Give Away and Trash.  Sorting through the clutter will involve some tough decisions, but keep your final goal in mind, knowing that the less stuff you have, the easier it will be to keep surfaces and spaces clutter free.

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