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101 Days of Christmas: Color-Coded Gifts for Kids

Color-Coded Gifts for Kids {101 Days of Christmas at}

I love this idea for designating which gift is for which child and making the presents easy to sort on Christmas morning:

Rather than using gift tags or labels, simply use different wrapping paper for each child. They won’t know which presents are theirs (which also makes it harder for them to snoop!), and even preschoolers who can’t read will be able to hand out gifts once they know who gets which color!

Another option would be to use one kind of wrapping paper and add different colored bows, but our bows notoriously end up falling off our gifts, so you’ll want to be sure they’re taped in place really well if you plan to go that route.

In our family, we usually get the girls one or two larger “shared” presents (once they got a big set of GeoTrax, once it was an indoor play house, last year the whole family pitched in to get a new playground, etc.), but we still have presents from grandparents and other family members, so we have the girls hand those out first and then we take turns opening presents in a somewhat orderly way. It makes the magic of Christmas morning last a little longer than the “tear through the pile as fast as you can” method!

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