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Color Palette Inspiration

The following post is from Lindsey M. Roberts, a design & décor writer:

Design inspiration can be found everywhere. And recently, I’ve been looking for inspiration for a cohesive color palette for our home. I know I like cobalt blue and tangerine orange—but how should I pull them together, especially if we live in a house larger than our 1,100-square-foot-apartment someday? (It can’t all be cobalt blue and orange!)

I’m reminded of a couple that I interviewed for Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine. This couple found a pillow that they loved and used the colors in the pillow to choose all of the colors for their walls and accessories such as pendant lamps and pillows. An item like this is like a ready-made color palette handed to you by an interior designer, but for a great deal less.

So, let’s make this a fun exercise for those of you that are palette-challenged like me. What items out there could be an inspiration for your home’s colors? Here are three ideas to get you started.

orla kiely mug
source: Orla Kiely

Idea #1:

Orla Kiely always inspires me. For an easy place to start, this mug could mean a cream-colored living room with red pillows and maybe a light blue sofa or rug. To move into other rooms of the home, you could paint a kitchen red, or the bedroom blue, and fine art that pulls these same colors together.

Don’t forget that neutrals go with everything, so a jute rug, khaki-colored sofa, and some white bookcases would look great with this palette.


Idea #2:

For those looking for more colors to mix and match, I like this rug from Angela Adams because it has a neutral background that could easily translate to paint or sofas.

You could pull out the dark green and blue for paint colors in different rooms in the house, and the orange and lime green for accessory colors. You could even pull the pink out for something small such as a girl’s bedroom, an accent wall, or even an upholstered bench at the end of a bed.

source: Crate & Barrel

Idea #3:

This pillow from Crate & Barrel is another great option for those of you that like a neutral palette with bright accents in your home. The different shades of taupe and beige could be painted on walls to delineate different spaces in your home, while the yellow could be used to brighten up a bathroom’s walls. You could do red in the kitchen if you like red kitchens, and in the living room, you could have these pillows on neutral sofas, with black bookcases and a lime-green throw.

If you start with one thing that you absolutely love, you’ll have a better chance at loving your home’s final color scheme.

What have you seen in stores that inspires you?

Lindsey M. Roberts has covered design, décor, and homes from Washington state to Washington, D.C., writing for publications such as Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, Apartment Therapy, The Washington Post, and Preservation magazine and editing publications for Hanley Wood.