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101 Days of Christmas: Covered Oatmeal Cans for Cookies & Gifts

covered oatmeal can

Looking for green & frugal wrapping ideas? Here’s a fun one in place of cookie tins or gift bags. With these simple covered oatmeal canisters, you can share cookies and treats without breaking the bank on containers!

Of course, if you want to give out lots of cookies, you’ll need to begin saving your oatmeal canisters now! In this example, I used the small Quaker’s steel cut oats canister, and I especially love the lid style on these, which let me just pop a circle of contrasting paper right into the lid, but you could do this with any size or style.

covered oatmeal can


  • oatmeal canister, any size
  • (2) sheets scrapbook paper or wrapping paper
  • craft glue
  • ribbons, stickers or other embellishments (optional)


Lay your paper on a flat surface. Align the top edge of the oatmeal canister with the paper and carefully roll it, marking or creasing the paper as you go along the bottom edge.

Carefully cut the paper to fit the can. Glue in place with a thin layer of craft glue (too much will make the paper wrinkle and bubble). Quickly rub out any imperfections.

Cut a circle to fit the lid from contrasting paper. Depending on the style of your lid, you can either pop the circle into place or glue it on top of the lid.

Optional: Use ribbons, stickers and other embellishments to decorate your can.

Wrap cookies or gifts in tissue paper and slide them into the can. Top with a bow or gift tag, and you’re ready to go!

Join us as we celebrate 101 Days of Christmas with new DIY projects, gift ideas, traditions and more every day from now through Christmas!