Creating Category Folders in Google Reader

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Update: Google Reader is no longer available; here’s what I use instead

Last week I talked about the value of organizing the subscriptions in your feed reader. A couple of you mentioned that you weren’t sure how to do that, so I took some screenshots from my Organizing Your Way Google Reader account to help you get started.

To create a folder:

1. To start, if you’re in the main view of Google Reader, click on any of the feeds on the left.

2. You should then see a menu button above the posts called “Feed Settings”.

3. Click on it and choose “New folder…” from the very bottom.

4. Choose a name for the category for the feed you’re currently viewing.

To add a feed to an existing folder:

1. Once you’ve created a folder, it will then appear on the “Feed Settings” menu.

2. To add additional feeds to the same folder, simply choose it from the dropdown menu and it will be added.

3. You can also add feeds to several folders at once so that you can have them categorized by subject as well as into folders such as “Favorite Reads”.

To remove a feed from a folder:

1. Simply click on the folder name in the menu one more time to toggle the setting.


To edit your folder settings:

1. You can also create, edit and configure folders through the “Manage Subscriptions >>” link in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.


2. Click on the “Add to a folder…” button to create a new folder.


3. Once you have folders set up, you can also select several subscriptions at once by clicking on the checkboxes to the left of them. Then choose the “More actions…” menu and add them all to any folder on the dropdown menu.


4. To edit or delete existing folders, go to the “Folders and Tags” tab of the Settings screen.

5. Click on the trash can to delete a folder (which will not delete the existing subscriptions, just the folder).

There are many other settings and preferences you can edit from this menu as well, but that’s another post for another day!

The only other feed reader I’ve used is Bloglines, and here’s a video tutorial for creating folders in Bloglines.

Do you have any other tips for organizing your feed reader?