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101 Days of Christmas: Cupcake Liner Tree

Cupcake Liner Tree

I love crafty Christmas decor, not only because it can easily — and inexpensively — be updated as our styles change, but also because it adds a “handmade” touch to our home that really embodies the way we want to celebrate Christmas in our home.

We love Christmas (like really, really love it), but we want the focus to be on the birth of Jesus, celebrating family and friends and making memories, not on creating a picture-perfect home or trying to outdoor the neighbors (whether they’re neighbors in real life or on the internet).

These cupcake liner trees are both adorable and simple, making them the perfect way to add some more holiday spirit to our home!


  • cupcake liners
  • styrofoam cone
  • hot glue


Fold all of the cupcake liners in half, creasing the folds as you go. The liners will be slightly concave because of the flat bottom.

When you’re ready, begin attaching the liners to the tree by adding a dot of hot glue either directly to the styrofoam or to the liner itself. The best place to add the glue is in the center of the flat area (formerly the bottom of the liner) on the inside of the curve.

Overlap the liners as you go, creating a pattern with the liners. You can try different patterns, such as aligning the liners tip to tip (for a less full tree) or overlapping them for a fuller tree.

Save a few cupcake liners for when you’re done so that you can fill in any gaps or uneven spaces.

For the top of the tree, start with two cupcake liners that have been folded in half. Add a line of hot glue to the interior of the curve around the flat area. Align this edge with the flat top of the tree, curving the liner around the tree as you go. Repeat with the second liner, overlapping as necessary. The bottom of the cupcake liner should bend to create the tip of the tree as you go.

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