You are currently viewing Day 1: Gather Your Supplies {Spring Cleaning Made Easy}

Day 1: Gather Your Supplies {Spring Cleaning Made Easy}

Spring Cleaning Made Easy: 31 Mini Tasks to a Clean Home at lifeyourway.netToday is the first day in our Spring Cleaning Made Easy series. Are you excited?!

My goal is to get my entire house clean over the next 31 days — one mini task at a time — without having to set aside a whole week, or even a whole day, to clean. Sounds pretty good, right? I hope you’ll join me!

Day 1: Gather Your Supplies {Spring Cleaning Made Easy} at
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Today’s task is a simple one: Gather your supplies.

Our cleaning supply arsenal is fairly simple: a pile of old rags, some vinegar and toilet bowl cleaner (we’ve yet to find a homemade cleaner that can fight the iron stains from our water), a broom and a mop.

If you prefer more specialized supplies, begin gathering those now for the days ahead. Whether you choose conventional cleaners or  homemade cleaners, either keep all of your supplies in a basket or caddy that you can move with your from room to room or organize them on a shelf so that you can grab the ones you need each day.

Here are some things that might be in your supply basket, but don’t feel like you need to go out and make a special purchase if you don’t normally use all of these; use the supplies that work for you!

  • trashbags
  • boxes for giveaway
  • cleaning cloths (rags, microfiber or terrycloth towels)
  • paper towels
  • duster
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • window/glass cleaner
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • disinfectant spray
  • toilet cleaner
  • wood cleaner
  • broom & dust pan
  • mop
  • vacuum

That’s it! See? I told you this was going to be easy!

Track your progress this month with the Spring Cleaning Made Easy checklist, which comes in two versions — one with dates to coincide with the live series and one with generic labels so you can do it on your own at another time. Click here to download or print your copy!

Want to get a jump start on tomorrow’s task? Begin decluttering the surfaces in your home, throwing away trash and putting giveaway items in a box to take to charity.

Are you excited about spring cleaning or dreading it? What room needs the most attention in your home?