Day 26: Clean Out Your Cleaning Supplies {Spring Cleaning Made Easy}

Spring Cleaning Made Easy: 31 Mini Tasks to a Clean Home at lifeyourway.netThis month we’re spring cleaning the easy way with our Spring Cleaning Made Easy series! The goal is to get the whole house clean — one mini task at a time — without having to set aside a whole week, or even a whole day, to clean.

Today’s task is an easy one! Take just a few minutes to clean out and organize your cleaning supplies so that it’s easy to get to the ones you need when you need them.

Day 26: Clean Out Your Cleaning Supplies {Spring Cleaning Made Easy} at
source: Travis Isaacs

Some things to think about as you’re sorting through your supplies:

  • If you have multiple half-used bottles of the same supply, combine them into one bottle. {Be sure they’re the same before you do this to avoid a harmful chemical reaction!}
  • Thoroughly clean any empty bottles, remove the labels and reuse them for homemade cleaners. Don’t forget to label the contents clearly with a permanent marker so you don’t forget which is which.
  • If you buy cleaning supplies in bulk, organize your extras so that they’re out of the way but easily accessible.
  • Take the time to mix up new batches of any household cleaners so that you have a full supply ready to go.
  • Make a list of any supplies you need to buy.
  • Depending on the ages of your children and the safety of your supplies, you might consider creating a couple “mobile cleaning caddies” that you can keep under bathroom sinks or on different levels so that you don’t have to drag the supplies across the house every time you clean. Most conventional cleaners should be kept up high or in locked cabinets if you have little ones around, though.

That’s it!

Track your progress this month with the Spring Cleaning Made Easy checklist, which comes in two versions — one with dates to coincide with the live series and one with generic labels so you can do it on your own at another time. Click here to download or print your copy!

If you want to get a start on tomorrow’s task so you can have the weekend off, we’ll be finishing the laundry room with a little more dusting, vacuuming and organizing.

Do you prefer conventional or homemade cleaners?