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Declutter Your Blog

The following post is from Angela of Homegrown Mom:


With the New Year, many of us resolved to declutter our homes, our diets, and our lives. So why not our blogs? I logged onto my blog the other day and decided to spiff up my categories. An hour later, I had combed through my entire blog, and I must say I felt cleaner after doing so. My blog looked fresher, too. With fewer categories, tags, and pages weighing it down, it looks more like my original vision for the fresh, simple site I launched a year ago.

Here are some areas to declutter:

Categories and Tags

Do you have any outdated categories or some with only a couple of posts in them? I had some old categories I no longer write in, and are not currently relevant, such as old shopping posts. If you use visible tags, you might need to pare those down, too. Do you have tags for everything under the sun? Simplify!


How long has it been since you switched out your affiliate ads, or searched for new companies? Most have seasonal banners or buttons, and you can often find ones that match your blog’s color scheme. No reason ads can’t be pretty, too.


Do you have some pages that can be simplified, more aptly titled, or done away with all together? I actually had a page linking to my old book club, which has been defunct for months. Oops.

Spam Folder

Even though I can remove all the spam comments from my Akismet folder with one click, occasionally an authentic comment gets trapped in there, so I try to check them all and mark true comments as “not spam.” However, if I wait too many days or weeks, there are far too many comments in there to go through. Though most are a mish-mash of odd words, nonsensical sentences, or outright ads, I always feel a little bad deleting the whole bunch without checking. Staying on top of my spam folder and cleaning it out regularly allows me to glance thoroughly before I trash them all.


Does anyone not need to declutter their inbox? Go through your archived emails and get rid of ones you really don’t need to save anymore. Catch up on your replies, and while you’re at it, organize your email folders. Read more about shaping up your email here.

Editorial Calendar

Do you have tons of half-written posts on the back burner? Dump the ones you’re ready to say goodbye to and finish the rest. Do you have some posts you’re just putting off finishing because you need to find a photo or track down a few links? Schedule some time this week to finish those posts and get them plugged into your calendar.


Make sure all your Plugins are updated and get rid of any obsolete ones. While you’re in the plugin area, consider adding a broken-link checker. Run it and fix any broken links.

Editor’s note: Broken Link Checker is a great plugin, but you’ll want to disable it after you run it and plan on running a check every month or so rather than leaving it running all the time because it’s a notorious resource hog.

Buttons from Other Blogs

Do you have buttons filling your sidebar? Are there some you could move around or get rid of? There are many blogs I read (and I like to share all their pretty buttons) so I set up a page on my blog just for blog links. In fact, this is the only area of my blog I needed to add to. I’m always finding new blogs but rarely update my buttons page. So when I was on my cleaning spree, I hunted down a few more buttons and popped them in!

My blog now feels refreshed; and in just an hour or so, your blog can feel refreshed, too.

What areas do you need to declutter on your blog?

Angela is the blogger behind Homegrown Mom, where she writes about creating family times, being a homeschool freak, and trying to be a wife to rush home to, all the while admitting that she isn’t quite a domestic diva. Yet. She’s hopelessly addicted to her family, sour patch kids, and blogging, in that order.