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Image by Kathrin Pienaar from Pixabay

DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas

They say that nesting is the overwhelming desire to prepare and get your home ready for your new bundle of joy. They also insist that this feeling is strongest in the last few days before you get to birth. But is this really all? Because any parent will tell you that the preparations start as soon as you see those two lines on the pregnancy strip. 

For many moms, you start imagining how you will look once your baby bump starts showing, how you will look in that cute maternity dress, how the baby will look, etc. In addition, you start thinking about the baby’s room. You want to make all your fantasies come true. That is why we put together this article to help you actualize those dreams. Here are 9 DIY nursery wall art ideas that will help bring your baby’s first room into life. 

9 Easy DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas

If you can picture it in your mind, you can actualize it. Nothing is impossible where creativity is concerned. But to allow your creative juices to run even wilder, here are some practical examples of wall art that would look great on your nursery wall. 

Turn a wallpaper into a gallery wall

Have you seen a wallpaper pattern that makes you think of your unborn baby? For example, a princess-like cute design would make your unborn daughter’s room feel warm and inviting, but putting it on an entire wall would make the room feel too busy. So instead, why not make a cute framed wallpaper gallery from it?

A lovely wallpaper design has the power to bring to life even dull designs. You simply need to do it right.

For inspiration, see what this designer did:

Silhouette Artwork

If you want to add a bit of DIY Disney characters to your baby’s room, why not start a small Silhouette artwork project? Your baby will most definitely love it. 

The beauty of it is you do not need master-painter-level skills to create beautiful decorations for your nursery. All you need is the ability to hold a brush steadily and a bit of creative juices.

The silhouette artwork project will be a great way to prepare your first handmade gift for your new baby, and as mentioned, you don’t need master skills to pull it off. As long as you are dedicated to the project, you will create a piece of art you will greatly be proud of.

FlashCards Art

Another creative way to decorate your nursery is to use the alphabet theme to your advantage. You have likely seen those alphabetic flashcards used to teach toddlers the alphabet. Use them to create a unique and educative art gallery in your nursery. 

All you need is to choose a pack of unique-looking cards and methodically frame them individually, creating a little gallery for the corner of the nursery. This makes a classic but unique art that your child will love. 

Frame a message

I could not love you any better.’ Imagine your child waking up to these words every morning. It will not only build their confidence, but they will constantly be reminded that your love is limitless. 

If you have any meaningful words or messages you want to say to your baby, why not frame them on a wall in their room? The idea is to have fun with the font and font colors to make the words look more like art than plain and boring. 

Family Hand Prints

If you want beautiful, memorable, and cheap nursery wall art, why not make a family hands print? All you need is the whole family, plain paper (or canvas), paint, and a frame to frame it on.

Just draw a handspring of each family member on the paper in different colors to bring out the hue for your interior decor.

You can add the baby’s handspring once they are born to complete the art. This gives the nursery a colorful and family touch and will stay in the memories of your child for a long time. 

Graphic Mosaic Monogram

Monograms are beautiful, and if done right, they can turn your whole nursery decor from basic into elegant and classy. It adds a unique personal touch. For example, a ‘forest friends’ themed mosaic brightens the room and gives it a kid-friendly feel.

The best part is, you can choose and customize any pattern you like. You can make the letter as big or small as you want to represent what you like. You can illustrate your favorite animals, plants, leaves, colors, etc. 

A Yarn pom-pom wall art 

Yarn is every craft lover’s best friend. With a bit of creativity and a few different colored balls, you can make an amazing piece of art for your baby’s nursery.

The beauty is there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials you can use to create a piece of art that will charm up a dull nursery. 

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Another yarn-art trick is to use yarn to spell out your baby’s name. Your baby’s name is like music to your ears. Why not make it a treat for the eyes too? Use your preferred colors to spell out the name of your little one and hung them at the back of the crib or changing area. 

To make this project easier, cut each letter out from cardboard and glue the yarn around it. 

You can also use ribbons and flowers to decorate the letter to increase the appeal.

Faux Hanging Shelves

A room without shelves looks dysfunctional. So you can use this idea to bring in a bit of art into your nursery without overcrowding the place. It not only adds versatility and functionality to the room, but you can also conveniently use them to display essential pieces and add charm to the room. 

All you need is a few pieces of wood planks (painted in your desired colors), a rope, and a drill. The different colors will give the room brightness and a much-desired hue. 

Featured Image by Kathrin Pienaar from Pixabay