Do Amazing Things. Don’t Take No For An Answer.

The following post is from Sherri of Serene Journey and Zen Family Habits:

source: Kennedy Garrett

I’m sure we’ve all been here before. We have a great idea or a brilliant plan, and we approach someone, expecting them to agree and give us a resounding “yes”…only we are met with “no”.

No? What do you mean no?

It’s the default reaction of the majority who have been met with “no” to simply back down and concede. It’s the rare few who refuse to take no for an answer that will go on to do great things and succeed in ways that are unfathomable to most people.

How to not take no for an answer.

Believe. Believe in yourself, your skills, your ambition, your desires, et cetera…and also believe that you can succeed. Many times we will look into a product, situation or solution and see that it’s been attempted many times before…with no success. Don’t let this discourage you. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, unbelievable things can happen.

Not everybody knows everything about everything. Pitching your idea to potential investors, clients, and even your kids (ha!) may be met with a lot of resistance, hesitation or laughter. Take the criticisms into consideration but don’t be discouraged by them. Many naysayers will do so simply because they don’t have the courage or knowledge/understanding of the subject.

Will you regret it when you’re 80? This is a question I love asking myself when challenges arise. When contemplating whether to go to Australia for 4 years to do a degree, I asked myself this question a lot. Turns out I didn’t want to be thinking when I was 80, “I wonder what would have happened if I went to Australia?” There are some thing I can honestly say, “Nope, won’t regret it”…and that’s a great feeling.

No is merely a hurdle. Being faced with a “NO” can be disheartening, discouraging and a very convenient excuse to pack it all in and move onto something else. Instead of taking that approach, see the no as a hurdle, an obstacle in front of you to see just how badly you want what’s on the other side.

Starting a business, writing a book, picking up and traveling the world for a year are all exciting things to do that will certainly lead to the enrichment of your life. Taking no for an answer doesn’t get you far; in fact, it will stop you dead in your tracks.

Next time you have a brilliant idea or want to do something super exciting, don’t take no for an answer.

I’d love it if you could share an experience where not taking no for an answer has resulted in great things for you.

Sherri is a work-at-home mom to two young boys and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Gwynn, for 13 years. Read more from Sherri at Serene Journey, where she shares simple tips to enjoy life, and at Zen Family Habits, where she talks about all things family.