Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Boss? {New Reality Show from A&E}

I love a feel-good reality show that highlights the best of people and makes you cry at the end, and Lifetime’s new show, Be the Boss, is exactly that kind of series!

This competition-based series features two employees of a franchise-based company battling for a huge promotion. What they don’t know, though, is that one of them will get the promotion and the other will get the keys to their very own franchise location! Cool, right?

The show premiered this past Sunday with two store managers from the Complete Nutrition nutritional supplement retail stores competing for a brand new VP position at headquarters. As the two competed in various challenges — leading an exercise class and selling product, archery with one of the owners, running a pop-up store and an in-person interview — I found myself rooting for Ashley — a smart, hardworking and business-savvy former beauty pageant queen — while feeling like Jason — a country-singing Marine — might have been the stronger candidate for most of the show.

Until the pop-up store challenge, that is, where Ashley clearly blew Jason away in her team spirit and leadership skills…and her sales numbers showed it.

As it turned out, Jason really was the better candidate for the VP job, while Ashley proved that she could take ownership of a store, motivate her employees and make a profit. And yes, I did tear up a little when they handed her the keys to her very own store and she broke down in tears!

What I love about these shows is that they reward hard work with unexpected blessings. It’s hard not to be happy for someone who is given such an amazing opportunity, especially when you’ve watched them work their tail off during the challenges and really feel like they’ll do a great job with what they’re given!

This Sunday’s episode — at 11 p.m. ET on A&E — features two employees from The Melting Pot restaurants, where guests enjoy a variety of unique entrees combined with dipping sauces for the ultimate fondue experience, as they make one ton of cheese from cows they milked themselves and attempt to wow the CEO with a brand new menu.

Upcoming episodes feature Auntie Anne’s and Molly Maid!