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Doing Business with Your iPad

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I’ll admit that I was in line at the Apple store the day the 2nd generation iPads became available. I just had to get my hands on one, because I was dying to find ways to get work done while away from the office without being so obvious by using an bulky laptop.

When you are running a business and working for someone else you need hands-on access to your business throughout the day. So here are some of my favorite apps that help me run my business when I’m away from the computer.

iTap RDP

The iTap RDP application lets you remotely access your PC from anywhere.  The iTap app uses Microsofts RDP protocol and gives you complete control and fast access from anywhere. My only complaint is there no way to “right-click” like you can with a mouse. iTap Mobile is available on iTunes for $11.99.


I have an obsession with to-do lists. It’s one of those things that might require an intervention to stop; but now I can control all my to-do lists with the Taska app. I’ve tried several different to-do list apps but this is the one I use the most. You can also sync your tasks with Taska is available for $4.99 via iTunes.

Index Card

As an extension to my to-do lists, I’m always taking notes. With the Index Card app I can map out a new script, plan out a new e-book or organize interview questions. You have the ability to color coordinate the index cards, drag and drop to move positions and add labels. I love that you can backup everything on Dropbox in case something were to happen to your iPad.


Simply put, QuickOffice is Miscrosft Office for your ipad. You have the ability to create word docs, excel spreadsheets and even presentations all from the device – upload them to your computer and you are ready to go. Quick Office is $4.99 in the iTunes store.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe is coming out with some really cool new apps and I can’t wait to try them out. Adobe Ideas is your digital scrapbook, it lets you capture and explore ideas wherever you go.

Some other apps that can help you run your business that aren’t iPad specific are Freshbooks and Paypal.

How do you use your iPad for business?

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