Dropbox {iOS App of the Week}

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I’m a huge fan of Dropbox, which lets you backup your documents, photos and other files automatically to the cloud and access them from any computer or device. I love the security of knowing my files are backed up in real time (and I can even access archived versions for when I accidentally save over something!) and that our photos are safe in case something happens to my computer.

But the best part is the Dropbox app lets you access all of those files from your phone or tablet so that you have access to your documents and photos wherever you are! I use it to open ebooks to find recipes, to access homeschool curriculum on the go and to update files from my phone. So handy!

Download for your iPhone, iPad or iPod: Dropbox (FREE — including 2GB of storage)

P.S. This one is also available for your Android device.

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