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Easy fever relief for babies with #FeverAllBeFeverReady

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There’s nothing more pitiful than a sick baby! I still remember the first time our oldest was sick at 3 months old. She had a slight fever and post-nasal drip that made her cough and gag in the middle of the night, and off we went to the ER. Since then, we’ve dealt with innumerable colds, coughs, and fevers, and we’ve gotten a little more comfortable with taking a wait-and-see approach and allowing the fever to do its job of fighting off an infection. We’ve learned to pay attention to our babies’ behavior and the way they look and not just the number on the thermometer. But there are still times when comfort and fever relief for babies is needed, whether it’s to rest at night or simply because they’re so miserable. And because we live in the boonies, it’s especially important for us to be fever-ready, with medicines on hand for those middle of the night fevers!

FeverAll® Infants’ Strength Suppositories (80 mg of acetaminophen) is the only acetaminophen product available with dosage instructions for children as young as six months of age. They make it easy to administer medicine to babies who can’t or won’t take medicine by mouth and provide accurate dosing without measuring or making a mess.

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Use FeverAll® only as directed. If you have specific questions about fever, acetaminophen or using FeverAll, speak with your child’s pediatrician. FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppositories are available at major retailers and drugstores across the U.S, such as Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. For more information and current offers, visit

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories. The opinions and text are all mine.