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101 Days of Christmas: Easy Filled Ornaments

Easy Filled Ornaments {101 Days of Christmas at}

I was so excited to spot these clear plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby at the beginning of the season, and I immediately began brainstorming all of the different things we could put in them.

My hope is to eventually find a tiny, tiny nativity set with individual pieces that will fit through the 1/2″-3/4″ opening so that I can add those to a ball filled with iridescent snow flakes, but that hasn’t happened yet!

Instead, the little girls and searched through the craft box and decided to fill one with sequins, one with glitter and the big one with buttons from our button box. I was so impressed by how hard they worked, as it gets a little tedious to add sequins and buttons after a while, but they had a lot of fun and were so excited when I hung them up on the tree in our kitchen.

Easy Filled Ornaments {101 Days of Christmas at}


  • plastic clear ornaments
  • sequins, glitter*, buttons, etc.
  • white glue (optional)

*The glitter ornament was the heaviest of all three, and I’m not sure how much I trust it hanging on our tree. I think you’ll definitely want to glue the top on if you make one of these, and keep in mind that it’s on the heavy side.


Fill each ornament with the material of your choice, snap the top on it and add a ribbon for hanging. It really is that easy!


The sky really is the limit. You could add your favorite small candy pieces (M&Ms or broken candy canes), scraps of fabric or bits of pipe cleaners, colored sand, beads etc.

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