Easy Homemade eBook Update {Just One More Day at $0.99!}

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Easy Homemade

The last week has been quite the whirlwind!

I spent the early part of last week finishing up the files and promotional plans for Easy Homemade: Homemade Pantry Staples for the Modern Family, and I spent the later part of the week answering emails, checking sales numbers and tweaking things on the back end as we discovered glitches in the sales process.

As of Sunday evening, we were at more than 6,500 copies sold — about half directly through our site and half through Amazon, with a small fraction coming directly through Barnes & Noble.

Easy Homemade also spent a little more than 48 hours in Amazon’s Kindle Store Top 100, which was a pretty great feeling!

But the best part has been the emails I’ve gotten from readers who are so excited about this ebook, who feel like cooking from scratch is finally accessible to them and who are looking forward to saving money by making things at home! Truly, that’s how I’ve felt since I first realized that you could make so many things at home, and I love being able to share that with other people!

The ebook will remain at $0.99 through Tuesday night, and then it will jump to $3.99. As anyone who’s read the ebook will attest, that’s still a great price for the amount of information I’ve packed into this ebook, but obviously $0.99 is even better, so be sure to get your copy — and tell your friends about it — today!

Click here to get your copy.

What kitchen staple would you most like to make at home?