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source: Mandi Ehman

101 Days of Christmas: Easy Magazine Bows

easy magazine bows

Christmas is in two days…how ya feelin’?

In case you’ve discovered that your stash of bows has run out, here’s a quick and easy bow tutorial to help you add a little special touch to your gifts. This trick ranks right up there with the covered jar lids in my book…so much fun!

What makes these bows so great is you really only need a magazine and scissors. You’ll need tape to attach it to your package, but there’s no glue/tape/anything needed for the bow itself.


  • magazine
  • scissors


Flip through a magazine to find a colorful page that you like. I looked for full-page ads with Christmas colors.

Pull the page out and tear it in half (fold the page in half, creasing it with your fingernail and then carefully tear it along the seam).

Take one of the halves and fold it in half¬† to create a crease in the middle. Cut long fringe — almost to the middle but not through the crease — through both layers of the paper.

Unfold and run your scissors along the underside of each peace of fringe to make it curl (just like you do with ribbon). Be very gentle because they tear off pretty easily, but it’s okay if you lose a couple along the way.

Once all of the fringe has been curled, begin folding the paper to gather all of the curls together. Then pinch the two halves together along the crease and — voila! — you have a bow!

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