Easy Method for Slicing Stone Fruit

slicing peaches, nectarines and other stone fruitI love peaches and nectarines probably more than any other fruit, and this week I’m sharing my tip for slicing up stone fruit for snacks and fruit salads over at the Plan to Eat blog:

This time of year, I tend to buy as much stone fruit as I can because the season never seems to last as long as I’d like it to!

I’m happy eating peaches and nectarines whole, but I also tend to slice lots up for fruit salads and snacks.

The classic way to cut up a peach is to cut it in half all the way around the pit and then gently twist the halves apart and cut your slices from there.

However, I prefer to cut them in half and then continue cutting my slices while the fruit is still attached to the pit.

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