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Easy Spring Spin Art for Preschoolers

The following post is from Kristina of Toddler Approved:

source: Kristina Buskirk

There is nothing better than an art project that yields beautiful results while also getting kids actively moving and having fun with a cool tool. Salad spinner art is a favorite activity with my kids because the salad spinner is so exciting to use!

This week we decided to cut up some spring shapes and drop them into the salad spinner and see what happened.

source: Toddler Approved

All you need is a salad spinner (or a spin art machine), scissors, cardstock, and liquid watercolor (or lightly watered down paint).

First, we cut out different spring shapes (tulips and butterflies), and then we dropped them into the salad spinner along with some paint.

source: Kristina Buskirk

Then, we shut the lid and made the salad spinner go around and around and around (the best part of the activity).

source: Kristina Buskirk

Once we’d spun each spring shape and sufficiently covered it with paint, we took each of them out and let the images dry.

source: Kristina Buskirk

We loved the results and used our spin art creations in a lot of different ways. We stuck them on little cards, wrote notes, and attached them to plates of cookies for friends.

source: Kristina Buskirk

We also just created some spring art scenes to hang around our house.

source: Kristina Buskirk

If you love garlands, you could easily string these shapes up with some twine to make some pretty spring decor. In addition to using paper, we also love to do coffee filter spin art and cut them into different shapes once the paint has dried.

This activity has become a daily favorite because is so simple and keeps the kids laughing, experimenting, and giving their arms a “workout.”

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Do you have a salad spinner? Have you ever used it for spin art? What else could you make with your spin art creations?

Featured Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

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