winter decorwinter decorwinter decor
winter decorwinter decorwinter decor
winter decorwinter decorwinter decor

Confession: It’s been almost four weeks since Christmas and we still have Christmas decorations up. This is not our usual MO at all; typically everything is packed neatly away by January 1st, save for a few pieces that serve as both Christmas and winter decor — metal trees painted white that sit on a shelf in my office and a pile of pine cones in the kitchen.

For the most part, we don’t have a lot of seasonal decor — and our house is pretty wintry already, with lots of white and silver in every room — but I’m finding myself appreciating the beauty of winter more this year outdoors (even without snow covering the trees and ground and the mild temperatures we’ve been having), and I love these examples of how people are bringing winter inside:

1. Winter White Wreath
2. Frosted Hurricane
3. Silvery Pears
4. White Accents
5. Winter Berry Wreath
6. Recycled Sweater Vase
7. Transitional Collections
8. Winter Wreath
9. Indoor Winter Garden