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Essential Things You Need Before Migrating to the US

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task for anyone. Coming to terms with leaving your loved ones behind is a hard enough experience to deal with, but one must tie up loose ends to make the migrating transition as smooth as possible. The US is a land of opportunities for those who work hard. 

With a little bit of foresight and dedication, it’s essential to be aware of the things you need before migrating to the US. The list below can help you with your relocation.

Get your legal documents translated

If English is not your first language, it is advisable to acquire a high-quality USCIS translation service that provides legal document translations. Translations for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are easy when done by a reputable translation company.

A conscious effort should be made to reproduce the required forms from your home country to an identical format to the original document. The interpretation of all legal documents such as a birth certificate or even a marriage certificate should be concise, well-worded, and free from errors, and translated by a professional translation service recognized by US government offices and private businesses alike.  

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Carry a valid passport

To travel to the US, you will need a legitimate, government-issued passport from your home country. A passport is the single most essential thing you will need when moving overseas. It certifies your identity and citizenship. A majority of countries do not allow any foreign travelers to enter without an official passport.

If you are migrating with your family to the US, it is best to apply for a passport for all the members of your family well in advance. Start the application process as soon as possible because it may take a few weeks or months to acquire it. Get in touch with your local government office so you will know what paperwork to prepare to submit.  

It’s all about the Visa

In addition to your passport, a visa to immigrate to the US should be on top of your list. A visa like a green card is an official travel document placed inside the passport that grants you permission to remain in the US for a specific purpose and amount of time. The visa is issued by the US immigration service that will allow you to live and work there legally.

Depending on your current status to enter the US, whether you were invited for work or married to an American national, it is important to be in touch with your local US consulate office so you will know all the requirements and limitations of the visa issued to you.

Commit to a work permit

While a visa may allow you to enter the US, it will most likely not allow you to work there. Many countries all over the world require ex-pats or immigrants to obtain an official work permit to be legitimately employed in the country.

If you are moving to the US for work, your employer should be able to assist you with all the necessary requirements, sponsor your application, and point you on the right path. The information should be readily available at your country’s local US consulate office.

Your original birth certificate

When moving to the US or any country for that matter, it is imperative that you keep all essential documents with you during the move. This should include your birth certificate attached with several official copies.

A birth certificate is an official document issued when you are born in your country to identify you with your name, gender, birthday, birthplace, and parent’s details. It is best to ask your parents for a copy or apply for one from your national registry.

Marriage certificates

A marriage certificate is an official record of a couple that is legally married. It will mention the date and place and are needed when changing a name, tax purposes, or proving your marital status or current relationship with someone.

When moving to the US, do not leave your marriage certificate in your home country. You could be asked to present this when applying for a visa, driver’s license, or other permits, so it is a handy document like your birth certificate, and you should always keep it in a secure place.

Medical records

We always hope to be in the best of health. But when moving abroad, it is good to bring your medical history with you in case of emergency or an unwanted illness arises.

Collate all-important medical and immunization records for you and your loved ones if you are migrating as a family. These records may be required for your new job, school, and most importantly, with your new doctor in America.

Final thoughts

Before anything else, be patient and organized by assembling all the necessary paperwork before migrating to the US legally.

Remember to educate yourself on the American culture, the new work environment, and neighborhood to ensure that you can make the most of what the US has to offer. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to build lasting relationships with others after moving. 

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