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101 Days of Christmas: Etched Glass

This post is brought to you by 101 Deals of Christmas at For the Mommas, featuring a steal of a deal every day from now through Christmas: Etched Glass

When I first began seeing pictures of etched glass projects on Etsy, I knew I had to try it myself! It’s simple, classy, enduring, and practical!

It turns out that it’s also super easy, and there are so many different gifts you could make with etched glass:

  • personalized Pyrex for newlyweds or new homeowners
  • custom canisters from glass jars with “flour,” “sugar,” etc. etched on them (I’m actually planning to do this in my own kitchen!)
  • gifts in a jar with the contents etched on the jar, i.e. “chocolate chip cookes,” “bean soup,” etc.
  • Decorated votive holders, ornaments, mirrors, and more

I used my Silhouette digital cutter to cut out my stencils, but you could easily do them by hand as long as your designs aren’t too intricate!


Using a digital cutter:

  • vinyl
  • transfer paper
  • etching cream
  • paint brush
  • rag

By hand:

  • contact paper
  • x-acto knife
  • printed design
  • paint brush
  • rag


Create and print your design, either directly on your vinyl using the digital cutter or onto a piece of paper that you can then use to hand cut the contact paper.

Peel the design’s body away, so you’re left with a stencil. Think of it this way: the places without vinyl will be etched, while the vinyl will protect the areas around your design from the etching cream.

Carefully line up your stencil and press it tightly to your glass object. Smooth out any bubbles, especially around the edges of the design.

Follow the directions on your etching cream and spread a thick layer of it across the stencil, being careful not to go outside the vinyl.

Let sit for 1-5 minutes, depending on your material.

Because the warnings on the etching cream are pretty scary, I used a thick rag to help me rinse all of the etching creams off the pieces. Peel off the vinyl, and you’re done!

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