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Evaluate Your Progress {31 Days to Your Goal}

31 Days to Your Goal |

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The month is drawing to a close and the shininess has worn off our “New Year’s resolutions”. But it’s the start of a new day, a new week and, soon, a new month — plenty of opportunities for starting fresh and setting new goals!

Before we do that, though, take some time this week to evaluate your progress toward your goal for the month.

If I’m honest, this is where my goal-setting skills are lacking. I tend to set a goal, work towards it and then move on to the next one without really taking time to evaluate whether I hit my goal and what I can learn from the process. This is actually an important part of setting goals that will help you move closer to your dream or vision, though. Even if you decide to walk away from a goal (which we’ll talk about more in a few days), it’s a good idea to debrief so that you can learn from the experience¬† and do better next time:

  • Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?
  • Was it easier or harder than you expected?
  • Did you have trouble staying motivated?
  • Were there days you had to “just do it“?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself and the most effective ways for you to set a new goal?
  • Will your next goal be another related milestone, or will you set a different type of goal?
  • Looking back, do you think your goal was realistic?

What have you learned about goal-setting this month?