Every Mom is a Hero. You’re a Hero.

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When I was invited by BlogFrog and Allstate to participate in the Every Mom is a Hero campaign, I jumped at the opportunity. You know why? Because every mom is a hero.

We sometimes forget that in the midst of wiping runny noses, packing school lunches, trying to get everybody out the door in time and all the other seemingly mundane things that fill our days (and this is true for working moms, stay at home moms and everybody in between!).

But it’s true.

If you struggle under the pressure of making the “right” decision for your kids, you’re a hero. If you’ve stayed up all night rocking a sick baby, you’re a hero. If you’ve kissed a booboo, listened to tales of mean girls and heartbreak or taken a team snack to a sporting event, you’re a hero.

We tend to hear a lot about the spectacular heroes — the single mom who works two jobs and still helps her kids study at night, the woman battling breast cancer or the mom who adopts a dozen special needs children and dedicates her life to caring for them.

Don’t get me wrong — these moms are a special kind of hero, and they deserve our recognition, encouragement and support. No question.

But those of us without a spectacular story to tell often forget that we’re a special kind of hero too.

One look into the eyes of the ones who call you “Mom” will confirm that!

Perhaps you know a heroic mom or see one when you look in the mirror. Share your story and be entered for a chance to win $2,500 cash from Allstate!

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