5 Tips To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

The following post is from Myra of My Blessed Life:

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That glorious time of year called autumn is gradually {finally!} arriving with changing leaves, cooling temperatures and happy thoughts of pumpkins and mums.  After the heat of summer, I crave the cooler, less humid weather, and I also crave the coziness of evenings at home when night comes earlier.

Fall decorating can be incredibly simple or over-the-top. However you decorate is beautiful. Just do whatever works best for you and your family.  My 5 easy {and frugal} tips to cozy up your home for fall are a great place to get started:

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Decorate Your Porch

Adding a few orange, green or white pumpkins and yellow or rusty red chrysanthemums to your front porch or stoop is a lovely, inexpensive way to welcome fall as well as guests into your home.  The entryway creates a first impression of the rest of your home, so make it inviting!

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Bake, Bake, Bake

Getting your baking on in the kitchen is more than just creating delicious treats to enjoy or share.  The scent of autumn baked goods permeates your home’s atmosphere with wonderful aromas.  Pumpkin recipes and apple recipes are my favorites for making delicious goodies and enjoying the smell of them baking!

source: pottery barn

Layer On Throws & Quilts

Since fall brings with it cooler weather, add extra layers with throws, blankets and quilts to your living spaces to make it convenient to stay warm and cozy while reading a book or watching a movie.  Throws also have a wonderful textural element that beautifies any room.

source: the wonderful forest

Bring Nature In

One of the most frugal ways to decorate for Fall is to bring elements of the outdoors in.  Leaves, grasses, pine cones, sticks and branches can be gathered at no cost.  I created a decorative ball out of those prickly sweet gum seed pods — absolutely free!  Adding grasses and sticks to a vase or pine cones to a beautiful bowl are just two ideas to get you started!

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Create Ambiance With Lighting

Last, but definitely not least, use candles and lamplight as much as you possibly can!  Even if you decorate very simply for fall {or any season}, lighting is everything.  Turn off the glaring overhead lights and light some candles, turn on some lamps and maybe even start the fireplace. When creating a beautiful, cozy, warm, fall atmosphere in your home, lighting ambiance {or mood} is your very best asset.

I hope that these tips have inspired you to up the cozy factor in your home decor!

Have you used any of these tips in your home this fall?

Myra has a B.A. in Interior Design and is currently self-employed. When she’s not spending time with her little man, thrifting, creating, shopping or working on a project, Myra enjoys date nights with her husband and blogging at My Blessed Life.