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Family Entertainment on an All-in-One Computer

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A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I am planning to use the Dell XPS 18 as a work computer in place of my laptop.

However, we’ve also discovered that it makes a fantastic family computer: the 18″ touch screen offers the interactivity of tablets and smartphones but at a scale that makes it perfect for small children, multiplayer games and more.

Touchscreen Monopoly

Family Game Night

While I’m not in any hurry to replace our actual board games, there’s something to be said for board games that are played on a touchscreen and don’t require an extra box to store all the pieces in you’re already overflowing game cabinet!

With the Dell XPS 18, I literally fold the legs in and lay it flat on the table and suddenly we have a game of Monopoly at our fingertips. With a ton of classic board games available — like Risk, Life, Battleship, Checkers, etc. — we’re looking forward to a fun twist on family game night!

Learning Games on All-in-One PCs

Learning Games

In addition to classic board games, though, there are a ton of learning apps available, and they offer a fun way to practice math facts, review spelling words, practice problem solving skills, etc.

Our favorite game right now is Pettson’s Inventions, a quirky game where you help build a variety of clever inventions to meet a certain objective. The girls love to play this one together, trying out different objects to see how the invention fits together and then flipping the lever to watch it work.

Movie Night

We’ve never been big on watching movies or TV shows on the computer, mostly because of our slow internet, but the other night we decided to give it a try, and the sound and picture quality really do make you forget that you’re not watching regular TV. This will be fantastic when we travel, since Dish Network lets us log in and watch things that are saved on our DVR, and it’s also a great way for Sean and I to watch an adult show (with headphones) while the girls watch something on the big TV!

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I am working with Intel AIO PC and received a Dell XPS 18 in exchange for agreeing to share my experience, but all opinions are 100% mine!