Favorite Kitchen Tip & Cooking Resources {Eat Well, Spend Less}

Favorite Kitchen Tip & Cooking Resources

The Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers are joining together this month for a fun Q&A! We each posed a question to our fellow bloggers, and we’re sharing those answers in our posts.

Last month, I shared a bit about my own strategies for learning to cook, but I wanted to know where other people turn with cooking questions:

What is your favorite resource when you’re unsure how to do something? What resources to do you recommend to friends/family/blog readers who are looking for cooking how-tos?

Amy from Keeping the Kingdom First:

Amy from Keeping the Kingdom FirstI’m definitely a fan of Google when I’m unsure how to prepare something or need a quick idea. Right now the resource I have been sharing with friends and family is Easy Homemade! I have recently purchased a second copy to give to my mom and plan to buy more to give to the couples I know are getting married this year.

Aimee from Simple Bites:

Aimee from Simple BitesI don’t particularly love the generic, semi-homemade recipes Google pulls up in its early searches, so I’ll add the name of a blogger or website in with my ingredient or recipe query. For example, if I type in “Steamy Kitchen Kimchi”…boom, the first hit is Jaden’s recipe AND a step-by-step video. I respect Jaden and know her recipes to be reputable, so there’s no second-guessing my search. I’ve a broad enough knowledge of food websites and food blogs to head to the right niche for topic-specific searches.

Jessica from Life as Mom:

Jessica from Life as MomGoogle is my friend. If I’m not sure how to prep a certain vegetable, which is often the case with our weekly produce box, I will google the vegetable and find out all kinds of recipes and information about the item. Before that I used the Food Lover’s Companion, a great encyclopedia of ingredients and methods of cooking.

Carrie from Denver Bargains:

Carrie from Denver BargainsI don’t think I have a go-to resource for learning how to do specific things – if it’s a technique I’m after, I usually Google it and watch a video.  But, if I’m looking for a specific recipe that I’ve never cooked before, Cook’s Illustrated is my go-to resource when I want to know for sure a recipe will be good!

Shaina from Food for My Family:

Shaina from Food for My FamilyThere are a few resources that I will look at first before anything else. First, if you want to give a gift to someone who needs help in the kitchen, a Cook’s Illustrated membership is definitely worth the price. They have instructional videos and step-by-step photo guides for all sorts of different cooking techniques, recipes, and more. They are thorough in their explanations and descriptions, and it’s easy to follow. For the old school crowd, two of my favorite cookbooks from them are the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and The Science of Good Cooking. Both are extremely good resources for having in the kitchen.

Continuing on the old school track, I find books like Ruhlman’s Ratio and Twenty great resources that will continue to give beyond the first read-through.  I’d also recommend The Flavor Bible and Cheryl Sternman Rule’s Ripe.

On the internet side of things, blogs are always a great resource, but it can be difficult to vet quality with so many of them. I personally like to turn to community sites like Punk Domestics, Food52, and Chow or sites with proven history like Epicurious when I have specific questions on cooking  techniques or I’m searching for new recipes or information.

Katie from Kitchen Stewardship:

Katie from Kitchen StewardshipI’m a fan of Google searches for any question in any area of my life!

For reader questions, I take them really individually. I end up sending people to Heartland Renaissance for sourdough questions and slow cooker yogurt, to GNOWFGLINS.com for a lot of traditional foods prep, culturing/fermenting, and dehydrating questions, and now Aimee for her wonderful “how to make stock taste good” post. I really just fly by the seat of my pants a lot and stumble along!

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