February is Heart Health Month…How Will YOU Improve Your Heart Health?

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February is Heart Health Month. That hits especially close to home in the days following Sean’s grandfather’s heart attack and surgery to get a pacemaker, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Unfortunately, heart problems don’t just run on Sean’s side of the family. My grandfather also had several heart attacks and multiple bypass surgeries (I still remember the cute little alien he drew on a napkin when we went to visit him in the hospital following his first surgery!). He went on to live many, many more years after his heart surgeries, and our hope is the same for Sean’s grandfather.

But we’re also thinking about ways to strengthen our own hearts so that we can have as many years with our girls — and their families one day — as we can!

I don’t happen to believe that all fat is bad for you or that things like bacon and butter should be avoided, but I do believe it’s important to eat well and stay active to strengthen our hearts.

Quaker wants to inspire people to get moving as well with the Quaker Heart Health Challenge.

The idea is to commit to 15 activities in 30 days to improve your heart health. I love this challenge because I’m trying to be active already — not just for overall health but to lose the “blogger’s butt” I’ve developed over the past few years before beach season!

Unfortunately, exercising just for weight loss, much like a diet, can be discouraging and short-lived. Exercising for overall health is a much better goal, in my opinion, because missing a day or two of exercise isn’t as discouraging and you’re not searching for the same quick results that you might be after when trying to lose weight.

Most importantly, I want my kids to see me being active — not necessarily “exercising” — as part of my everyday life, so that that will be part of their everyday life as well.

Here are some of the activities I’m going to try to include in the upcoming month. I’ll report back with an update in a couple of weeks!

  • ride the exercise bike at least 4 times a week (while reading, a win-win)
  • play a game of tag with the girls on beautiful days (which we’ve been having lots of this winter)
  • go for a hike as a family at least once this month

Will you join me in the Quaker Heart Health Challenge? What motivates you to get and stay healthy?

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