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source: Mandi Ehman

101 Days of Christmas: Felt Tree Ornaments

One of my favorite Christmas activities is to make ornaments with my girls. My main goal when searching for ornament ideas is to find very easy projects that they will really enjoy making — rather than those projects where Mom does most of the work while the kids watch! — and these felt tree ornaments are definitely one of my favorites.

Decorated with buttons, these felt Christmas trees are easy enough that even 2 and 3-year-olds can help make them!

I hope you enjoy making these creative felt tree ornaments. The sky is the limit on the creativity that you can use in designing these cute ornaments. They are beneficial for children of all ages. You may have to cut out the felt trees for the younger ones. They will exercise their small motor skills when picking up the buttons and gluing them on their tree. The older children can bring out their creative side by the different designs they create using simple tools. Besides that, it is a great time to work together and help each other choose their colors and shapes. It can be a fun family time.


  • green felt
  • buttons in a variety of shapes/sizes/colors
  • ribbon
  • white glue


Cut out the Christmas tree shapes and lengths of ribbon ahead of time.

Set out a wide assortment of buttons. For younger children, add a couple of dots of glue to their tree at a time for them to stick their buttons to; older kids will be able to make their own glue dots.

Press buttons down firmly and let dry.

Glue a ribbon loop to the back of the ornament and let dry.

Variation: For a more involved project, glue or stitch two Christmas trees together and fill with stuffing before decorating with buttons!

Felt Ornament Templates

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