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Finding that Unique Engagement Ring

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You have finally found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with and before the stress starts for planning your big day. The pressure can begin when you are trying to find the perfect engagement ring. Do not let the stress spoil the fun of finding the ideal ring and seeing the look on your partner’s face when you pop the question. Here are a few things to consider before shopping for the perfect ring.

Yellow, white, or rose gold, silver, Platinum setting? 

What type of jewelry does your partner wear every day? Do you see them wear more yellow gold, white gold, silver, or something different like rose gold? If they wear mostly silver, you might want to look at white gold or platinum for the ring setting; these metals will not tarnish like silver over time. Take a peek in their jewelry box to see what metal they prefer; take note of the size they wear. This will help you find a ring that fits perfectly when you pop the big question.

The shape of the center stone? 

There are so many different shapes of diamonds you can choose from; you can pick from a classic round cut to something fun like a heart or pear shape. Or maybe a princess cut for your princess. If you need help figuring the perfect center stone cut, you can always ask one of your partner’s friends casually for their option about someone else’s ring you might both know. For example, “Mary had a pretty ring on today. What do you think of it?” If they like it or not, ask why but do not be too pushy. You do not want to spoil the surprise. Fingers crossed, this can open the door to finding the perfect ring for your partner.

The fun can start once you have an idea of what they like. You can add a personal touch by adding color stones to the setting. These stones can bring out your partner’s personality. You can pick so many different accent stones from rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or even blue, pink, or black diamonds. I personally love the look of black diamonds added to any style ring. This adds a classy look to the traditional engagement ring. 

Black Diamonds
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Do not forget your 4Cs!   

Cut: This is ranged from good to excellent. The cut determines the diamond’s sparkle, brilliance, and overall beauty. Choose one that has a lot of sparkle when the light hits it.

Carat: How big do you want the stone to be? The weight of the diamond determines the carat. Many people think the bigger the diamond the more sparkle it will have. The sparkle in a diamond is not determined by its weight but by the cut.

Color: This is a scale from yellow to flawless. Diamonds come in many different colors such as gray, white, yellow, green, brown, pink, and even black. All diamonds have some color. The less color the more valuable they are.  The setting can also affect the color of the diamond.

Clarity: This ranges from I1 to FL All diamonds are unique. They may have small surface flaws called blemishes. Internal defects are called inclusions. The naked eye cannot see most inclusions. The inclusions give the diamond its character. The fewer inclusions the higher the price tag.

Your budget? 

Knowing your budget is the hardest part. What can you afford? Some people will say three months of salary but who wants to spend that much money. There are some options to save money on the center stone without taking away from the quality. A lab-grown diamond from Barkev’s is an excellent option. Do you think there is no way she will be happy with a  lab-grown diamond? Do not worry. She will never tell the difference unless you show her what you paid.

It is hard enough to find the person to spend the rest of you like with. There is no need to stress over what ring to buy to pop the big question. Barkev’s has a fantastic selection and can help relieve the stress of purchasing the perfect engagement ring or even the perfect diamond earrings for your special day.

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