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Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Fokos Beach – A Stunning Off-The-Beaten-Path Gem in Mykonos

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Everybody knows Mykonos for its legendary parties and the often quirky and insane nightlife. But Mykonos, being a beautiful Greek island, also greets visitors with a superb, sugary coastline with crystalline waters and fabulous views of the shimmering Aegean Sea. 

Chances are most of us have heard of the party meccas, the likes of Super Paradise, Paradise, and Paraga Beach. But, very few know of the less cosmopolitan small pearls in Mykonos offering relaxed and peaceful escapes from the more populated southern shores.

Fokos is definitely one of the beaches that rightfully deserve a visit, especially if you are looking for an authentic Greek island experience and some time by the sea that does not involve loud music and rubbing shoulders with hundreds of other tourists, celebs or not! Here is why!

Reason #1: Fokos is one of the most idyllic Mykonos beaches 

Nicely tucked on the northern part of Mykonos, Fokos impresses with its charming rocky bay, wild landscape, crystal clear waters, and large, sandy shore. This undeveloped spot on the island will offer you tranquil moments despite being so close to the vibrant heart of Mykonos – the island’s capital (aka Chora or Mykonos Town). Indeed, it somehow manages to feel quite remote. But, besides lovers of natural beauty, Fokos is an ideal go-to shore for naturalists. Those that have visited it describe it as welcoming recess from the intense Mykonos lifestyle. In this place, you can recharge your batteries before showering yourself with champagne at the next night-long beach party! 

Reason #2: Fokos is every windsurfer’s paradise 

You won’t find many sunbathers here attempting to swim in the sea because of the Meltemi winds that usually blow and create aquatic heaven for windsurfers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice swim; just don’t spread your wings too far in the open sea. Suppose you prefer the shallow waters close to the beach. That being said, the choppy Aegean Sea lays the table for endless hours riding the waves. Of course, you can come here only for the exuded peacefulness and the unique sensation that you are on a deserted island, even for a short while!

Tip: Want an alternative beach for your windsurfing adventures? Head to Myrsini Beach, just behind Fokos. 

Reason #3: Fokos is perfect for horseback riding adventures 

The wide, sandy shore, the seclusion and privacy provided here (just a handful of sunbathers), and the scenic landscape are the main reasons that have put Fokos on most horseback riding itineraries. You may choose to admire the galloping of professional or rookie jockeys as you soak up the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun. Or, why not join a horseback riding escapade and have an utterly rejuvenating experience in Mykonos. 

How to get to Fokos Beach

No public transportation serves this area. However, you may drive there (by car or bike) or reach the shore by sea, especially if you are on a cruise tour around Mykonos. The best way to find Fokos is to drive to Ano Mera village and follow the road signs. Along the way, you will pamper yourself with pristine sights, including a thriving artificial lake on your right-hand side with lots of birds and plants. Expect a small stretch of dirt track right before the scenery opens to the remarkable beauty featured in Fokos Beach. 

Photo by Natasha K. from Pexels

Where to stay near Fokos 

You won’t find resorts or hotels in Fokos. Nevertheless, the hills surrounding the area are home to some of the most luxurious, exclusive, elegant, and stylish Mykonos villas providing a view of the wealth of modern amenities, total privacy, captivating views for VIP holidays, and exquisite getaways. Some of the most suitable regions close to Fokos are Choulakia, Myrsini Bay, and even Ftelia. 

Admittedly, even if partying and living the extreme Mykonos lifestyle is on your schedule this summer, a stop at Fokos Beach will compensate you with an experience very few get to live in Mykonos! 

Featured Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels