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Last week I began a 30-day food challenge known as the Whole30. If you’ve spent any time in the blogosphere or on Facebook or Instagram lately, chances are you’ve heard of it.

Developed by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig of, the Whole30 challenge is not a diet or a fast; it’s a program designed as a nutritional reset to break bad habits and create good ones while getting all of the icky stuff out of your body so that you can truly learn how different food groups (like grains, legumes, and dairy) affect your body.

Their book, It Starts with Food, is an important read, and it’s packed full of information about how the systems in our body respond to various food groups.

What I love about this approach is that the Hartwigs are so rational in their thought process. They don’t just set out a list of rules for the rest of your life; instead, they invite you to take part in this challenge and then evaluate for yourself how it feels when you eat different foods.

Although I haven’t completed my 30-day challenge yet, I can tell you this: on day 12, I feel amazing! Despite having recently discovered that I’m pregnant, I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I’ve also found myself eating an amazing amount of delicious food that I’ve been ignoring — things like Brussel sprouts and spinach — and I’m eating more veggies in a day than I normally do in a week.

This program is designed to be the launching pad for permanent changes in your life, and I truly can’t imagine giving up the breakfasts and lunches I’m eating every day (although I will admit I’m looking forward to enjoying homemade bread with my family every once in a while again!).

Because I didn’t want to hijack Life Your Way with daily updates, I’ve set up a new blog, From SAD to Whole in 30 Days. Join me there to see what I’m eating each day (including recipes) and to hear about my experience now and after the 30 days end!

Have you heard of Whole30? What’s holding you back?

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