Fooducate {iOS App of the Week}

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Fooducate AppHillary recently introduced me to this great FREE app, which lets you scan the barcodes of grocery products to get information about their ingredients.

What I love about Fooducate is that it doesn’t focus on the “nutrition” of an item but on really providing information about the ingredients used. For example, it knows all of the code names for MSG and sugar and will tell you when something has a high amount of sugar per serving, is highly processed or contains controversial ingredients.

I was surprised — and a little bummed — to realize that my favorite “healthy” crackers contain an MSG derivative (thankfully only one of the flavors!), and I love that it provides this information with the press of the button so that I don’t have to spend time Googling the items I don’t recognize in the ingredients list!

Download for your iPhone, iPod or iPad: Fooducate (FREE) or Fooducate Plus ($3.99)

P.S. This app is available for Android or your computer as well!

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