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Footprint calendar {101 Days of Christmas}

Footprint Calendar for Christmas Gifts

As I was searching for footprint ideas for this year’s calendar, I couldn’t help but laugh. It seems that most of the ideas on Pinterest are made by adults with tiny feet or children with exceptional artistry.

Needless to say, our footprints are less about a perfectly cute work of art and more about capturing a snapshot of our kids’ growth in a fun way. They’re messy and imperfect, but we giggled our way through them, and our 5-year-old has asked me every day when we can make some more!

Note: Footprint calendars are really best for 2 and 3 year old’s. You can make it work with an older child with the horizontal designs (flag, bus, etc.), but a 5-year-old’s footprint is too big vertically for the calendar templates. That said, you could make a cute footprint book instead if you still want to go that route!

Click here to download or print your calendar template.

Then browse through this list of ideas, each with a picture and description, to choose the ones you’ll use for your calendar:

If your calendar includes handprints, grab one of the handprint poems for the front page of your calendar. There’s space at the bottom for you to add names and the date!

A few tips from our experience:

  • Have your children wear smocks or old clothes. Clip hair back away from the face, roll up pants and sleeves.
  • There’s beauty in imperfection, so don’t worry about smudges or other “mistakes.”
  • We usually do only one or two different designs at a time rather than trying to work through all 12 pages at once.  Washing hands or feet in between each one gets a little tiresome!
  • When using multiple colors, it’s always easier if you let the bottom layer dry first, but it’s not necessary for most of these.
  • Have fun!

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