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Four Fabulous Thanksgiving Books for Kids

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Best Thanksgiving Day Books for Kids
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Every year it’s the same. About two days before Thanksgiving I go to the library to find Thanksgiving-themed books for the kids. I imagine us sitting together reading about the first Thanksgiving, reflecting on our blessings and enjoying snuggles by a roaring fire. Of course, it’s not cold enough for a fire in November in Georgia. And by the time I get to the library all the good moms have checked out every single Thanksgiving book.

Our little collection of Thanksgiving books at home is jealous of our overflowing pile of Christmas books.  I’m feeling like my kids are missing out on some good literature! Maybe I can hit up the after-Thankgiving Day sales this year and snag some new books. Or maybe I can go ahead and reserve them at the library for next year!

I thought I’d share my favorite Thanksgiving themed books with you, and then you can share your favorites in the comments.

1.  Off to Plymouth Rock

Off to Plymouth Rock might be my favorite. It tells the story of the Pilgrims and the famous Native Americans who saved them that first cold winter. It’s told in poem with whimsical illustrations that tell a story themselves. My kids love to look for the silly turkey who’s hiding in most every picture. The author is Dandi Daley Mackall who has written over 400 books! Anytime I see her name, I grab the book because I know it’s going to be good.

2. Over the River and Through the Wood

Did you know Over the River and Through the Wood was a Thanksgiving poem? I thought it was a Christmas song. It actually says, “hear the bells ring, ting-a-ling-din! Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!” The poem is written by Lydia Marie Child and is actually really funny! This version has woodcuts for illustrations but my favorite version is by Normand Chartier and is sadly out of print. If you ever find it at the thrift store, grab it up!

3. Cranberry Thanksgiving

I discovered Cranberry Thanksgiving book through the Five In a Row program I do with my son for home school. It’s got lovely 1970-ish illustrations and a fun story about judging people’s appearances. It inspired us to make cranberry bread and look up pirate sea chanties on the internet. (You’ll have to read it to see why!)

4. Turkey Surprise

Turkey Surprise is not actually my most favorite book. In fact, I don’t know if it’s all that wonderfully written. But my kids adore it. I read it every single day in November last year. Today, my son almost started crying when I decided not to read this one for naps. It’s the story of two pilgrim brothers–one on the search for a turkey dinner and the other intent on saving the turkey. It actually does have cute illustrations and lots of repetition. If you can handle reading a book 30 days in a row, you should get it.

And a Bonus Book for Moms

Although Thanksgiving is a great way to foster a thankful heart in our children, Stacie Nelson’s new ebook, Thanksgiving Heart gives simple, practical ways to guide and train your children in growing a grateful heart all year long. It’s about learning to giving thanks in ALL things at ALL times!

OK. Your turn! I want to hear what’s on your Thanksgiving bookshelf: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving book  for kids?

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