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Four Reasons You Should Enjoy a Sober Christmas in 2022

Christmas is a time of giving, so why not treat your mind, body, and soul to an extra special one this year and get through the entire festive period completely sober?

It may be an unusual one. After all, for many, Christmas is a time of indulgence, from the Christmas dinner to the chocolate and the booze. Lots and lots of booze. 

Yes, there’s the work Christmas parties, catching up with friends, and then the big day itself, which can include toasts and bottles of wine, brandy, and more. But, of course, that can be problematic, particularly for those suffering from addiction, which requires alcohol help or has a tendency to get a little bit carried away and do things they regret.

This could be why going sober for Christmas could be the best possible gift to give yourself. And that’s not the only reason either. Here are a number that will have you thinking a Christmas without booze could offer just the festive period you’re looking for…

Firstly, it’ll be cheaper.

We wouldn’t usually kick off with this, but with times tighter than ever around the world, given the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis, going booze-free offers a great way to cut back on Christmas expenses without sacrificing on the likes of presents and amazing food. 

It’s a Christmas you’ll remember – literally!

If you have a bit of a habit of going overboard on alcohol at Christmas, you may tend to forget what happened the night before. Waking up on Boxing Day with little memory of Christmas because of all the booze that was knocked back is never fun.

There’s no such problem with a booze-free Christmas!

You’ll feel better – and parent better!

For those parenting, it’s difficult on a normal day doing it with a hangover, never mind on Christmas Day. You will look and feel better without alcohol swilling around in your stomach and not only give your children the excitement and joy they need on Christmas Day and the entire festive period, but your mood will be better too, so you can enjoy it in exactly the same way as your children do.

Less chance of arguments

Alcohol always fuels arguments, and Christmas is a time when tension can be high and lead to monumental family arguments. While tensions may still be high, and you may have to see people for longer than you want, staying sober will help you keep a cool, calm head and most likely enable you to keep your tongue firmly bitten.

Featured Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash