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FREE Feeding & Well-Visit Logs for New Parents

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I’m afraid I’ve got baby on the brain, so this week’s new printables are perfect for new parents. And by new parents I mean anyone with a new baby because, if anything, it’s gotten harder for me to keep track of diapers and feedings with each additional baby! In fact, my family always laughs as I try in vain to remember on which side I last breastfed and at what time. I’ve tried the bracelet trick to help me (where you move the bracelet to the side you’re feeding on each time), but I can never remember if I moved it or not — ha! — so that doesn’t end up helping much!

This time, I’m actually planning to look for an app, but if you’re more of a paper & pencil kind of person, I’ve created two feeding logs for you to choose from — one for breastfeeding and one for bottle feeding.

We used a log like this when I nannied for newborn triplets in college, and it was helpful for several of us to be able to make notes in one place. We kept the log by the changing table so we could always find it to add our notes!

I’m also including a well-visit log so you can record notes about vaccines, measurements, etc. at each appointment.

Click the links below to download or print each of the logs:

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