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Free Printable Recipe Cards

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Do you have your favorite recipe that you frequently take to potlucks at church or friends’ homes? Is there a dish that you make that you get requests for the recipe? Do you usually write down the recipe on a napkin or scratch piece of paper? After leaving the party, did you realize that you forgot one or more ingredients? Why not write down their name and address and promise to send them the recipe? This way, you won’t forget anything and can send them a nice note with the recipe. You can always download our free printable recipe cards at the bottom of this post.

Maybe you found the recipe on the internet. Get their email address and send them the link. Many times I modify the recipe I find on the internet. Sometimes I substitute ingredients because I don’t have something on hand, or I can’t eat that ingredient for some reason or another. Usually, I will send the link with a note of what I changed on the recipe. You could type up the recipe and include your modifications. Be sure and add the link where you found the recipe. This way, they can choose to follow the original recipe or your modified version.

Whether you’re looking to organize your recipe cards, pass them on to other people or create a special gift, these simple, clean recipe cards make it easy to share your favorites.

We have some free printable recipe cards that you can download. Print them and fill them out by hand (which adds a special touch!), or fill them out on your computer before printing (a great option for the recipe that people are always asking you to share!). Be sure to print them on cardstock so they’ll hold up longer!

Click here to download or print your free recipe cards:

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