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source: Krystal Griffin Photography

Photography Gadget and Gear Round-up {+ a Fun Giveaway for You!}

The following post is from Krystal of Krystal Griffin Photography:

Photography Gadget and Gear Round-up at
source: Krystal Griffin Photography

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I’m really excited about this post because I get to share with you some wonderful items that I love. Photography accessories and gadgets are in endless supply these days, ranging from the fashionable to the functional, economical to costly. The reason I love so many of these items is that they are all high on function and economy, some are even fashionable, and best of all we get to give away a few of them at the end of this post!

So, here are my favorite photography gadgets and gear:

Remote Shutter Release

I have mentioned this tiny tool before when we talked about getting everyone into the photo and that is certainly a prime time to pull this out. There is no reason why one person is left out from a group to be behind the camera, but that isn’t the only time you might like a remote. Landscapes and fireworks, or any time you want a slow shutter speed, are other occasions it will prove to be useful.

You will have to find a model that is compatible with your camera, but there are endless options, and you sure to find one that suits you. I own one a lot this one found at Amazon. Priced around $10, they are well worth the money.

Lens Cap Holder

Tell me I’m not the only one who is constantly misplacing my lens cap? I don’t know what the issue is, maybe the small size, or the fact that I’m thinking about what I’m photographing and not my cap. In any case, they do seem easy to misplace.

This holder has to be the best one I’ve seen yet. It’s far more durable than other options and won’t get in your way either. This item is also $10, and I think it pays for it’s self with all the caps you won’t have to replace.

The Lightscoop

Shortly after buying my first DSLR I realized that there were times you really need some extra light. But the on-camera flash didn’t look so great, and I wasn’t interested in spending big bucks for a flash.

Enter the Lightscoop®! I found that a $30 dollar tool could make vast improvements on those photos that require some extra light.

The basic idea is that the Lightscoop® redirects all that flashlight to bounce off the ceiling, creating flattering light in your darkroom. From the time I bought the Original Lightscoop®, they have since come out with the Deluxe (for DSLRs) and Jr. (for large point and shoots) models.

They sent me a Deluxe model to review, and I’m impressed with the improved durability and two-piece construction that makes it easy to pack in a bag. It can now swivel to angle the light up to the ceiling for a vertical shot. If trying to use this seems confusing, don’t stress about that. It comes with some great instructions to get you started (both in the packaging and on-line) and it’s pretty intuitive. The three models are priced at $19, $30 and $36. Given the ease of use and the improvement in your photos, it’s a great buy.

You can find Lightscoop® on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, where they share tons of photography tips and tutorials! You’ll also save 15% off any Lightscoop purchase with coupon code LYW15, which is good through 8/16/13.

Wrist Straps

By now, most of you know that you can get a camera strap for your neck to match anything the imagination can come up with. But what you may not have seen is the wrist or hand straps. If you aren’t crazy about having a strap around your neck because of the bulk, irritation, or the fact that it occasionally swings into your shot, then this is your solution.

I have admired Porteen Gear bags for a long time and took notice of some quality straps that they carry as well. Robyn sent me one (which we will be giving away!), and I was really impressed at how durable and heavy the nylon is, with more bulk and structure than the picture might show. I think a few people I know will be getting these as gifts. This strap is super easy to use and comes in some beautiful styles and colors. The basic nylon strap is $12 and well worth all of that. If you are looking to upgrade from nylon, you can always spring for the new leather option.

Bag Inserts

My quest for the perfect bag to put my camera in proved to be nearly impossible to fulfill. It’s tough to find the perfect blend of all your needs, the style you want and the price you need to stay at. We ladies ask a lot of our bags, and this was no exception.

Fortunately, I stumbled on an Etsy shop called Martilena that carries custom-sized bag inserts and my problem was solved. I could get a bag in just the size, style and function (storing my things and protecting my camera) I needed and simply buy an insert to put in it. And when I get tired of it wear it out I can simply pull it out and start over again. While my insert is big to hold a lot of professional gear, the smaller models are perfect for the everyday bag to carry a DSLR, purse contents, iPad, and other electronics. This insert was another item that I was pleasantly surprised with how the quality is. Most of the inserts range in price from $35-55 and come with your measurement choices.

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Krystal is a stay-at-home mom of four children, ages 4-9, whom she homeschools. She is acutely aware of how fast her children are changing and is passionate about keeping family memories alive through photographs. Now and then she gets to help other families’ bottle up their own memories at Krystal Griffin Photography.