Confession: It’s been almost four weeks since Christmas and we still have Christmas decorations up. This is not our usual MO at all; typically everything is packed neatly away by January 1st, save for a few pieces that serve as both Christmas and winter decor — metal trees painted white that sit on a shelf in my office and a pile of pine cones in the kitchen.

For the most part, we don’t have a lot of seasonal decor — and our house is pretty wintry already, with lots of white and silver in every room — but I’m finding myself appreciating the beauty of winter more this year outdoors (even without snow covering the trees and ground and the mild temperatures we’ve been having), and I love these examples of how people are bringing winter inside:

This wreath is absolutely gorgeous. I love the soft wintery leaves and the clumps of white berries, and it’s both cozy and welcoming, don’t you think?

Source: Winter White Wreath | Saídos da Concha

These simple painted hurricanes are an easy way to add a wintry touch to your home (and you could use this technique with a variety of patterns and colors for any season). They’re gorgeous in the daylight and I bet they’re beautiful with a candle flickering inside once darkness falls as well!

Source: Frosted Hurricane |

I actually just bought myself a set of these pairs even though they’re on backorder until July because $6.99 with free shipping was too good to pass up, but I’d imagine you could easily make these in any size with a little glue and glitter! We have some extra life-size pears, so I may just try that as well.

Source: Silvery Pears | Pottery Barn

The Nester does an amazing job of adding white accents throughout her home, and I especially love this little area with the stark white against the rich wood table. I have a thing for blankets, and that white blanket is calling my name!

Source: White Accents | Nesting Place

If you’re looking to add more color during the cold winter months, how about this gorgeous winter berry wreath? My favorite part about this project is that while the final wreath is impressive, it’s actually fairly simple to make!

Source: Winter Berry Wreath | Thoughtfully Simple

Cable knit blankets and pillows add a cozy touch during the winter, so why not add that same look to your vases and candle holders with these recycled sweater vase cozies? I love the chunky designs and the wintry feel it adds!

Source: Recycled Sweater Vase | Under the Table and Dreaming

If you’re hesitant to go out and buy or make actual winter decor, Melissa offers this brilliant idea of using transition pieces to tie the seasons together. Glass bottles may not invoke feelings of winter at first glance, but she really pulls it together beautifully!

Source: Transitional Collections | The Inspired Room

Here’s a beautiful winter wreath for inside your home — on a wall or on the mantle. Soft tissue paper flower felt and lace flowers add to the delicate and calm feel!

Source: Winter Wreath | Craft Interrupted

And finally, use vintage baking molds as containers for an indoor winter garden.

Source: Indoor Winter Garden | Kim Ludy