Get the scents of the holidays with this special Grove offer

Get the scents of the holidays with this special Grove offer

Grove Special Offer

It’s that time of year: Mrs. Meyer’s specialty holiday scents are now available from Grove, and they’re perfect for the holidays!

Grove Collaborative delivers cleaning supplies, personal care, and paper products directly to your door each month. We use it every single month for things like Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Acure Foaming Shaving Gel, Squeeze Cellulose Sponge Cloths (these are my favorite!), Seventh Generation Dish Packs, Method Foaming Body Wash and more.

This week only new customers will get this FREE holiday kit in either Orange Clove or Peppermint with your first $20 order:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Hand Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Dish Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Multi-Surface Spray
  • Grove Collaborative Bubble Up
  • Free Shipping & VIP Trial

And Grove has amazing, real-person customer service, so if you have any issues—like the one and only time something leaked all over my order—they take care of it right away!

Grab your free Mrs. Meyers holiday goodies now. Or if you’re already a Grove customer, head here to get their new Bubble Up at 50% off.

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