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Get What You Deserve, Don’t Settle

A surprising number of personal injury victims wind up taking unreasonably low settlements from the responsible parties’ insurance companies. Understandably, they would be tempted. Insurance companies make offers quickly before injury victims can fully consider their options. Fast cash sounds great to people struggling with lost wages and medical bills.

While the idea of turning down a settlement offer that could put cash in a victim’s pocket ASAP may not sound ideal, it’s never worth taking an insurance settlement before speaking with a lawyer. Insurance companies are notorious for offering far less money than victims deserve, especially when they know that the settlement recipients don’t have legal representation.

Insurance Companies Are Not Here to Help

Insurance companies rely on advertising campaigns designed to make them look less intimidating than their reputations would have people believe but also more helpful. As anyone planning to hire a lawyer has likely already learned, insurance companies are not here to help. Their primary purpose is to turn a profit, which means paying out as little as possible and working against policyholders and those injured by their negligence.

Recognizing Insurance Companies’ Tricks

Reaching out with quick settlement offers is only the first of many tricks that insurance companies will use to try to get out of paying personal injury victims what they deserve. Adjusters are also notorious for forcing recorded statements out of people to close claims quickly. Sometimes, they adopt a friendly attitude to put people at ease. Others claim that people are required to provide statements. Don’t fall for these tricks.

Insurance companies try to convince people not to hire attorneys, claiming that it’s not worth paying a lawyer or that doing so will lower the amount of compensation provided to the victim. This is never the case. Personal injury lawyers help victims identify different types of damages and additional sources of compensation, uncover evidence to prove claims, and otherwise improve a client’s chances of getting the settlement they deserve. Insurance companies know that, so don’t believe their lies.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Even people who recognize that insurance companies are not here to help but to make money often wind up getting less than they deserve due to their lack of familiarity with the system. The claims process is complex, as is the legal framework for pursuing damages. People who attempt to negotiate with insurance companies on their own behalf almost always have difficulty navigating the system, which can lead them to take unreasonably low offers. 

Working with a personal injury attorney means having someone with years of professional experience available to help with every step of the process. Improperly filed paperwork, statements made to insurance agencies that could be misinterpreted as admitting fault, and other common mistakes are much harder to avoid without a lawyer.

Schedule a Consultation

Personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping clients get the compensation packages they deserve. They know how to negotiate with insurance agencies more effectively, which means most claims can be settled favorably out of court. If the insurance company refuses to budge, a lawyer can also provide courtroom representation to ensure that the client gets the settlement they deserve.

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