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Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Baby

baby gift guidebaby gift guidebaby gift guide
baby gift guidebaby gift guidebaby gift guide
baby gift guidebaby gift guidebaby gift guide

Our one-year-old is the youngest of four girls, so there’s not much she doesn’t have. And although they probably couldn’t care less, I like to get each of my babies a special gift when they’re toddlers. Here are my top picks for babies this Christmas!

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baby gift guide1. My daughter loves her lovies from this adorable Etsy shop! We’re adding a second one to her stocking this year because there’s nothing worse than trying to wrestle a lovie from a toddler in order to wash it!

Pink Stripe Lovie with Minky Backing, $16.50

baby gift guide 2. Our bedtime routine used to include cuddling and rocking, but now she’s so busy trying to get to her rainforest soother each nice that she dives right out of my arms and into her crib!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Soother, $36.59

baby gift guide
3. If you’re looking for an adorable, eco-friendly gift that you can feel good about it, the tees from Barley & Birch are a great start!

Fishies Longsleeve Lapneck Tee, $30

baby gift guide4. Oh. my. gosh. How cute are these? I don’t know about baby, but I’d like a set for myself!

Trumpette Peewee Argyle Box Set, $29.99

baby gift guide
5. Every baby girl needs a cuddly soft baby doll, and this one includes the popular “Taggies” design with silky tags that baby will love to rub in her hands!

Taggies 1st Baby Doll, $10.50

baby gift guide
6. LeapFrog products are a wonderful blend of fun and educational, and these counting maracas not only encourage rhythm and musicality but counting skills as well.

LeapFrog Counting Maracas, $14.99

baby gift guide
7. Goodnight Moon is by far our favorite children’s book. I love to read it with my girls (because at this point they pretty much read while I turn the pages). A childhood classic!

Goodnight Moon, $8.60

baby gift guide
8. Water tables like this one are a great sensory experience for babies and toddlers

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table, $39.97

baby gift guide9. Our daughter is fascinated by pictures of her sisters, extended family and even strangers. These board book albums are sturdy, adorable and the perfect way to give her an album of her own. Board Book Albums sent me one to review, and it will be the highlight of her Christmas, I’m sure!

Pink Take Your Pix Board Book, $19.95