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Giveaway: Deep Clean Mop & PeopleTowels from PaperlessKitchen!

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One of the first “green” changes I made in our home was to eliminate paper products from our kitchen. Actually, truth be told, it was more about being cheap than it was about trying to save the planet. But eliminating disposables, paper products and even plastic from your kitchen is good for the environment as well, and I’ve taken further steps with that goal in mind.

So when reached out about sending me a few products to review and share with the Life Your Way readers, the name caught my attention right away.

There are plenty of “green” companies out there, but I love that’s goal is so specific: to help individuals, households, businesses and organizations live greener by offering alternatives to kitchen paper products.

You’ll find products to replace paper towels, synthetic nylon scrubbers, paper napkins & plates and more, with plenty of selection to choose from!

Today, we’re talking about two specific products:

e-cloth Deep Clean Mop

e-cloth deep clean mop

Five years ago, while I was pregnant with our third daughter (who we didn’t realize was lying breech until I was rushed in for an emergency c-section), my hip pain was so intense that I couldn’t do many simple chores — including sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. My husband took over those chores and continued to do them during my c-section recovery and life with a newborn. Somehow they became “his” chores, and he’s taken care of them ever since.

The result is that he is unusually passionate about floor-cleaning tools. I have no idea if there’s a niche for vacuum bloggers, but if there were, he’d be your man.

With this in mind, you can imagine how excited he was when we received the e-Cloth Deep Clean Mop to review. It’s been about a month now since he started using it, and his only complaint is that I haven’t yet purchased an extra cloth so that there’s always a clean one available for him to use!

This mop can be used dry or wet, and the revolutionary e-Cloth material has an amazing 1.6 million fibers per inch, which not only pick up dirt and debris but also eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria on the floor, including e-coli and listeria, with just water, leaving your floors clean and safe for children and pets.

In addition, the mop handle is telescopic, adjusting from 43 to 74 inches for the perfect fit for every mopper. The mop head swivels a full 360 degrees to give you maneuverability as you mop as well.

PeopleTowels Three-Day Supply

PeopleTowels Cloths

While I give Sean a hard time for the way he acts about floor cleaners, I’m unusually enthusiastic about cloth towels myself, so I don’t have much room to talk.

PeopleTowels is a brand devoted to making it both easy and enjoyable to care for the planet. Their 9″x9″ towels are highly absorbent and this three-pack features adorable designs which are produced with eco-friendly ink and are printed on the surface of a 100 percent certified organic dish towel.

Replace the paper towels in your kitchen with these kitchen towels for cleaning up spills, wiping down counters, cleaning kids’ faces and hands and more!

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