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Numi Pu-erh Tea

Today I’m sharing the last of our Mother’s Day gift ideas and giveaways…and it’s a tasty one:

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As you know, I’ve discovered a love for tea over the past 6 months or so. Although Numi teas were already among my favorites, Numi invited me to take the official Pu-erh Challenge (drinking only Numi Pu-erh Tea and water for 2 weeks) to discover the benefits of this ancient healing tea firsthand.

For centuries, pu-erh has been celebrated in Chinese culture to have a myriad of health benefits. While formal scientific research is still in early stages, clinical trials conducted in China and France have found promising results that substantiate cultural beliefs and anecdotal evidence that pu-erh can help improve digestion and circulation and increase metabolism and energy, supporting healthy weight loss.

Unlike common tea bushes that are frequently replanted, Numi’s pe-erh comes from broad leaf trees with intricate roots that reach far down into the earth. The deep root system of these pu-erh trees makes them uniquely drought resistant and sustainable without need for irrigation, The trees harvested y local villages who pick the tea for their livelihood. These wild tea trees are carefully picked to ensure that they continue to grow for generations to come A picture of sustainability, the pue-rh trees, village and nature all harmoniously live together for mutual benefit.

Numi’s Pu-erh line includes the following flavors. I love all of them — except the Jasmine! — but Basil Mint and Chocolate are my current favorites:

  • Chocolate Pu-erh
  • Emperor’s Pu-erh
  • Basil Mint Pu-erh
  • Ginger Pu-erh
  • Jasmine Pu-erh
  • Cardamom Pu-erh

I took the Pu-erh Challenge already knowing that I love the rich flavor of pick pu-erh tea, but it’s hard to quantify the other results. I won’t lie and say I lost 10 pounds or suddenly had the energy of Super Woman, but I do love the energy boost from Numi Pu-erh tea (it’s got a higher caffeine level than other teas) and it definitely did improve my digestion (although I won’t go into details!).

Founded in 1999 by brother and sister team Ahmed Rahim (the alchemist) and Reem Rahim (the artist), Numi Organic Tea offers a line of premium quality organic, non-GMO and fair trade certified teas and teasans. Numi blends its organic leaf teas with only real herbs, fruits, flowers and spices — not unnecessary “natural” flavorings or perfumes — with dozens of amazing flavors to choose from. An award-winning social enterprise and founding B-Corporation member, Numi supports community development projects worldwide.

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