Give:LOVE FREE Valentine’s Day Cards

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free valentines

Do you know Megan from Sorta Crunchy?

She has absolutely the sweetest heart and genuine desire to make a difference in this world, and the Give:LOVE campaign is a perfect example of that.

This year, instead of buying Valentine’s Day cards for school valentine exchanges, parties and friends, Megan has worked with several designers to offer you free printable Valentine’s Day cards.

There’s no catch, but her hope is that you will use these free cards and donate the money you would have spent on valentines to Love146, an organization dedicated to ending child sex slavery and exploitation while offering hope to the survivors through aftercare solutions.

Read Megan’s introduction to Give:LOVE here.

Donate to Love146 here.

Choose from these designs:

Single-Sided Cards

From Alaina Pompa:

  • punk heart
  • love
  • robot
  • hope

From Jill Smyth:

  • elegant Valentine

From Christine:

  • shine on, shine, Valentine!

From Double Lovable Designs:

  • lots of hearts

From Lori Crawford:

  • four sweet treats

Double-Sided Cards

From Alaina Pompa:

  • hearts and flowers

From Frugal Granola:

  • mini valentines
  • valentine postcards