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Avoid Green Guilt and Do ONE Thing

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Today I’m participating in The Ultimate Blog Swap! You’ll find me posting over at The Living Green Solution about about inspiring your kids to live green; and I’m excited to welcome Selena Moffitt of 1 Mom’s Mission here on Green…Your Way.

Do you remember when being Green was just about the “three Rs”? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  People were proud to return their pop cans for the deposit and recycle their newspaper.  Those were simpler times in the movement of being eco-aware.  **Sigh**

Fast forward to the 21st century, where the green movement has taken on a life of its own.  Global warming, water and food contamination, reduced ozone layer, energy shortages, fuel prices, animal extinction, pesticides, toxic pollutants inside as well as outside your home…it’s enough to scare a person right into denial.

Add to that the day-to-day choices constantly nagging us:  recycling, ultra-recycling, having a no waste home, low VOC paint, sustainable housing materials, organic personal products, organic food, the clean 15, water quality, riding your bike, eco-friendly cars, farm fresh veggies, farm raised animals, green toys, sustainable agriculture, more green plants, cloth diapers, no water waste, composting, growing your own food, organic cotton clothes, synthetic dyes and colors… and this is just YOUR HOME!

Peer  Pressure

Feeling the peer pressure to do more for your environment?  Try living in Portland, Oregon, one of the “greenest” cities around.  Everywhere you turn there is pressure to be green, sustainable, and organic.

Everyone rides a bike, has chickens in their yards, and would never DREAM of throwing away a stitch of plastic. I personally think that it ups the game for the rest of us, and I like it.  However, I’m kind of a fanatic when it comes to my mission:  To motivate change, invigorate people, and radiate joy.  Nourishing people AND the planet.

Green Guilt

There are some who become more aware and are motivated to push above and beyond.  They may choose, the “more is better!” attitude.  I applaud that idea, but is it feasible for everyone?

Others may just throw their hands up in frustration or ignore the call to take greater action.  The pressure to do more may backfire.

“If what I’m doing is so little and so insignificant, why bother doing anything at all?”

I bet most of us fall somewhere in between.  We see the need to become aware of the environment’s needs and we really want to do the best we can, but it’s not convenient.

“If only I had more time, I would ___________.”

Do Any of These Sound Like You

  • Do you wish you could compost, but don’t know how or where to begin?
  • Are you confused by terms like sustainable, natural, free range, and organic?
  • Do you get in your car and realize you could’ve ridden your bike instead?
  • Would you recycle more, but it’s not convenient unless it is curbside?
  • Do you want to do the best for the planet (for your kids) and worry you aren’t doing enough?

There are blogs, books, and articles out there that will surely tell you how to do all these things, and while the intention may be good, they can also make you feel overwhelmed; or worse, like a failure.

Have you ever read a blog post or article on living green and think, “How do people have time to do that?” or “There is no way that I am doing enough!”

Eco Anxiety

I know we don’t wake up each morning and determine how we might hurt the planet today, right after we decide what to wear.  We all realize deep down that we need to be stewards of this great Earth and change will not happen on its own.

But should we have anxiety over this? Should we feel consumed by the choices we make?  Should you feel sick when you fail to recycle one plastic cap?  Should we judge people based on their eco-conscious choices?  Yes, we are trying to make a better environment to live, however, we need to also enjoy our life.

Am I saying “ignorance is bliss?”  Maybe occasionally it is.

Do One Thing

Let’s ease the anxiety and focus on what you can do.  How about the motto:  “Do One Thing.” Doesn’t that sound simple?  Just ONE thing!

YES!  If we all do one thing, we can rest a little better at night knowing we ARE good people, parents, and stewards of this great gift — Earth.

Ten “One Things”

Here are 10 “One Things” you can do.  No pressure.  Just simple.

1. Conserve Water

2. Unplug items when not in use

3. Recycle

4. Pick up your pet waste

5. Use reusable containers when possible

6. Use vinegar and water to clean everything

7. Save money – make your own cleaners

8. Group your trips

9. Plant green plants

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Teach your children

Looking at this list, do you see what you may already be doing? You see, you are already ahead of the curve.

Be proud of what small steps you do take to usher the world into a thriving future.  Share this list with friends and family, and most importantly, teach your children to respect  the world around them.

Please join me on my mission: Motivate change, invigorate people, and radiate joy!  Let’s nourish ourselves and our planet together.

What are YOU doing to go green?

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Selena is a mom on a mission to make our world a better place, one person at a time.  Her blog 1momsmission, aims to motivate change, invigorate people, and radiate joy!  She blogs about the craziness of Momhood and how small shifts in our day-to-day can make an impact on the world around us.