A couple of months ago, Tsh mentioned on Instagram that she’d gotten some hair chalk for her daughter. Because I live under a rock, I wasn’t sure what hair chalk was until then, but I was immediately intrigued by the idea of temporary hair color that was so easy to apply.

You see, we’ve tried temporary hair dye and kool-aid before for letting our girls play with some fun colors in their hair, but neither worked especially well. Based on the things I’ve since read about hair chalk, though, I knew I wanted to include it in their stockings this year.

The only problem? The price adds up when you need to buy four sets of stockings! Thankfully, my sister — who is an Aveda stylist — said that all we needed were regular soft chalk pastels (important: not regular chalk or oil pastels; you want soft chalk pastels). I bought this set from Amazon to give them each 4-5 colors and still save some for arts & crafts. (About 25% of them came broken, though, so I’d buy them in a craft store if you can!)

The only problem, of course, was they’d have no idea what to do with random chalk in their stockings!

So I created a cute tag that I can add to the bags of chalk (just as soon as I get more printer ink — ha!). These would also make fun party favors, don’t you think?

Click here to download or print the hair chalk tags.

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